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Thursday, 22 December 2016

2017 Mail Art Call: Funny Face

For generations artists have depicted the human face to commemorate, analyse, criticise, document, ridicule, disassemble and re-order the appearances of others, as well as themselves. 

As a tool for social communication, facial appearances transmit information about people's social status, ethnicity, gender and age, register emotions and provide clues as to how they have been treated by life.

The face's expressive capabilities also transmit details regarding one's personality, mental state and intentions. Its appearance can also be controlled to hide those very same things. Moreover, how we interpret the appearances of others is a very subjective process that is very dependent on the individual's mindset. First impressions are often very unreliable.

For this call please send work via post that deals with any aspect of the human face, be it whimsical, absurd, amusing, deviant, unprecedented, foolish, curious, creepy, unearthly, puzzling, weird, poignant, pareidolic, beautiful, fleeting, detached, penetrating, mysterious..... 

Open to all media/techiques - maximum size: letter/A4 - deadline: 31 July 2017 - no fees - no offensive images - no jury - no returns

Mail art received to be posted at postboxtomailboxnoplainart.blogspot.com

Date and location of exhibition to be determined.

Include email address for documentation.

Questions/info: 4johngayer@gmail.com

Mail to:
Funny Face
Taivaanvuohentie 3 B 13
00200 Helsinki

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Visions of Europe - Exhibition at Rikhardinkatu Library


Visions of Europe

Mail Art Exhibition

Artists' Book Gallery, 2nd floor

“Europe means different things to different people…”

So began John Gayer’s open call for mail art on the theme. And, in answer to this invitation, dozens responded. Over the spring and summer mail art arrived from various parts of Europe, North and South America, even Japan. Over 100 items – expressing all kinds of ideas and opinions in a broad range of artist materials and techniques – were received.  

Visions of Europe is on view throughout the month of October. Come explore the many interpretations, find it on the second floor – next to the Artists’ Books Collection.

Rikhardinkatu Library